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goodbye dear cooper...

gosh it's been awhile and i hate that i've been so neglectful of diaryland and all you lovely people out there.

work is going well. i still get tired so easily and by the time i get home from work i just want to collapse on the couch and do nothing. i'm hoping my energy levels get better as i adjust to working. this summer's surgeries and infections really wiped me out.

it's been an awful week...a very close family friend, my brother's best friend was in a white water rafting accident ten days ago. he was pinned under water for over three minutes...he was revived and was in a coma and on a ventilator.

he died yesterday. 30 years old. our family is devastated and i still can't believe it's true. i went to work today and it just felt wrong. i'd be working on the computer and all of a sudden it would hit me anew that he was gone and i'd begin crying. i feel so awful for my brother as well and that hurts.

i had to call my daughter last night and tell her that cooper was dead. it was so sad...she just got really quiet. i so wished i was there to hug her. right now i just wish i were with my family. i'll be going home for the memorial service and while part of me dreads the service, another part of me NEEDS to be there and can't wait to see my family.

with a heavy heart and great sadness ~zen 9 little birdies chirped

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