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memorials for cooper...

this coming weekend is the memorial service for cooper. i am looking forward to seeing my family; it'll be good to all be together. wes and will are both getting in next saturday as are we. so as not to overwhelm our parents we have gotten a block of rooms at a hotel there with other out of towners coming in for the memorial service.

saturday night will be a memorial gathering for cooper's close friends...we will meet up at his favorite restaurant and eat, drink, play trivia games and tell stories of cooper and just remember all the good times we had with him. i think this will be really healing.

then sunday is the formal memorial service at the church. this one is more for his parents and the people in the community who knew cooper. but i know the saturday night memorial will be the one that helps me remember cooper the best. and is the sort of memorial he'd have loved. he'd want everyone to have a poker party or something and just toast beers to him. that's the kind of guy he was.

funny, sweet and had the most adorable quirky crooked grin and boy did he grin often! he loved life.

here's a pic of cooper and my brother will. cooper is on the left, you can see by how he looks at will how much he adored my brother!

so this weekend went out and bought some clothes to wear to the formal memorial service. now today we are going to watch football. can't believe the weekend is almost over already and i don't feel like i've really rested yet. *sigh* welcome to real life zen!

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