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so how are things in the house of zen?

not bad actually! the hubby and i have had a good couple of days. i'm trying to make more of an effort to spend time with him and give him some attention. i realized that i was really isolating myself from him as well as everyone else.

so yeah, we had our spat friday night and an even worse argument on saturday. i finally told him i was not going to argue with him anymore and i left the room.

he apologized to me later that evening. he was really stressed about bills and finances and taxes and had had way too much caffeine which totally sends him over the top. so we talked and things were better sunday.

he was gone a good bit of the day doing a side computer job! woohoo...extra cashola! and sunday night we had a quiet night just watching "stargate" episodes he had recorded. it was nice.

then yesterday i cooked dinner. yes, me! i did cook a homemade meal! i made spaghetti and meatballs (meatzaballs), the hubby loves my homemade meatballs...so he was in a lovely moood last night with a full happy belly! we watched several episodes of "stargate atlantis" together and just relaxed.

so things are smooth now.

marriage~ so much work. but the rewards most generally outweigh the pain! and i do love my hubby with all my heart. even when i'm so pissed at him that i'd like to chuck his arse out the door...i still love him. and i cannot imagine my life without him in it. he's my family. the center of my world.

he may not be able to tell me with words the things i'd like to hear...but he does show me in little ways. and i do know he loves me. he's just a hard person to live with sometimes. he's such a loner and i'm not. he's so uncommunicative and i'm a communicator.

but somehow we soldier on and make it worth. and i'd rather have what we have and have him...than have a social talky man that wasn't him! LOL

love is in the air~
~zen 3 little birdies chirped

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