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zen has flown back!

sorry it has been so long since i've written an entry! things have been so busy in the house of zen! the hubby's parents were here for a week so i spent the week beforehand cleaning! one nice thing about them coming out here every spring is that it gets me motivated to due my spring cleaning! so....we had a nice visit and i think they enjoyed themselves!

i then spent some time working on jewelry, the creative muse seemed to have bit me again! love when that happens...i seem to get so much done and can spend hours at my jewelry table immersed in my stones, crystals and sterling! love it!

at may's doctor's appointment the doctor FINALLY agreed to take me off the neurontin and try me on the topamax which i've been begging me to do. i hate being on the neurontin. i swear it is what is making me gain so much weight over this year that i have been on it.

so have been off the neurontin and on the topamax this month and have lost over 15 pounds!!! go me!!!! i feel so much better....legs feel better and i haven't had a migraine all month!

and the highlight of my summer......

on saturday, my 20 year old daughter, em, graduated from college! i'm so proud of her i could just explode! she graduated summua cum laude AND was inducted into the phi beta kappa honor society!

i'll post some pix when i dig the camera out of my luggage! still haven't unpacked!!

i'll edit later when i unpack!

hugs to all!

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