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weekends are just too short!

sorry that i've been so neglectful in updating! work has been a big change in my life after eight months of not working and all the surgeries and infections this summer. i find i get home feeling so exhausted that i generally collapse on the couch dozing and watching tv until bedtime! and after viewing a computer screen all day at work, i just can't bring myself to go online in the evenings!

but work is going well. the job is enjoyable and the people i work with are SO nice! it's great to be back out in the working world again, the socializing, using my brain, the paycheck *grin*...which of course i love!

this weekend was a quiet weekend. i did leave the house yesterday to go to the grocery store. otherwise stayed in and played with the fids, made some jewelry, watched football and just rested a lot.

tomorrow it's back to work again! i'll try to get caught back up soon!

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