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faery jewelry for my lovely sea creature

okay my darling sea creature...your jewelry is done and here are the pix...they'll be out in the mail to you tomorrow!

hope you like them! they're even prettier in person. and for those of you who don't know seacreature; she's an awesome chick with an awesome blog! she's funny, sweet, creative and one of the best artists that i know. so be sure and check out her blog and make sure to click on the pix of her art because you won't be disappointed! she ROCKS! love ya j! here is the link to her blog http://seacreature15.blogspot.com/. sorry that i don't know how to do it as a direct link so you'll have to copy paste in your browser...but she's worth it!

~zen (still an html tard)

edited because my darling LA-the-Sage was lovely enough to share how to do a link so here goes...SeaCreature

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