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staph back mountain and trash can dreams...

i'm confused. i've looked at my diary on three computers now and it looks normal on all three computers. wonder why other people are getting different views? any one have any ideas for this html tard?


in other news, medically i'm not doing so well. my pain mangement docs who have been treating my incisions (which are still open and big and ucky)sent me to a wound care specialist yesterday to find out why they refuse to heal. he gave me some new meds to apply to the incisions. meaning new ointment for the hubby to apply to the gauze to pack into my wounds. this is all getting so dreadfully boring by now!

then today i get a call from the pain management guy dr.A, who said the cultures they took last week had come back and my staph infection is back (or actually has never gone away). he is waiting for a call from the wound care specialisty dr.Z. to see what antibiotic protocol to start me on.

speaking of the dr.Z. the wound care specialist. oh my, hottest doc i've ever gone to. he was wearing black levis with black cowboy boots and had eyes bluer than the montana sky. *swoon* and his ass filled out those levis like they'd been custom made for him.

thank the goddess the hubby was in the room with me as well, or i might have had the uncontrollable urge to check the tightness of that fine ass with my hands. i mean it would have just been research right? i have to know what kind of doc is treating me, ya know! and his warm hands on my back where the upper incision is...and also down on hip where the lower incision is! wooooo! never wished for a wound on the nether regions til yesterday when i felt those warm hands on me! *fans face* wow, i think i need to get laid! LOL


otherwise, nothing new to report, all is calm in the house of zen. animals are all fine. zoey is healthy and happy and regaining her chirp! just love hearing her sweet lil squawks and monkey chirps again!

hawk (the orange-winged amazon) has been a bit out of sorts. i do think he may need laid as well! *grin* he's gotten a bit aggressive with the hubby and has been very very vocal lately...just chattering up a storm. saying "hi baby" "hi guys" "hi there" "hellloooo" "watcha doin'" "hi big boy" "hi big guy" "how are you...............fine" etc. etc.

i don't know if i ever told you about hawks fascination with white trash bags! if you walk in the room with a new white trash bag to put in the trash can, he perks right up, splays his tail feathers, and his mane just poofs up big and fluffy! he then immediately flies down to the trash can...feathers splayed, eyes pinning orangey-red (they do this when excited or scared) and he begins doing this dance with the trash can that looks like some sort of odd pagan mating ritual.

he talks to the trash can, squawking his sweet nothings..."hi baby" "hi there"...while turning in circles in front of said trash can. he then walks directly up to the trash can in full poof and begins giving the trash can loud kisses. then back to his dance.

what the hell is he up to? it's freaking weird! and if you go to pick him up during this ritual, he walks backwards quickly, feathers poofed and splayed saing "huh uh!" "no". then tries to bite you when you demand him to step up. which i insist he do because i want all my birdies well trained. when i put my finger to their little birdie belly and stay step up! they all do without much thought anymore. it's become automatic. training, training!

anyone with fids have any idea what his obsession with trash cans and trash bags could be?

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