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i'm baaaack!

whew! what a week! my daughter got in last saturday and by sunday i was puking my guts up! i was sick with the flu all week. it was awful. i'm finally feeling better and am up and around again. ugh!

stepfordtart dearrie, your necklace is almost done, just have a question for you regarding length of it and if you want an extender chain put on it like i did seacreature. email me or leave me a comment here! i can't wait to send it out to you! and i hope you send me a pic of you wearing it!!!

i've loved having my daughter home again, even tho i've been too sick to really enjoy it! hopefully this next week will be better! i take her back to college next saturday. her senior year already!! i can't believe it.

well, just wanted to do a quick update...i want to go get stepfordtart 's necklace done and have two other orders to work on so i'll have a busy weekend.

hugs to all!

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