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reflection, the heat and my funny fids

hello darlings,
it is so frelling hot here! the 90's were bearable when we lived in arizona where the humidity was in the teens...but here in the mid-west it's awful! hopefully it will break by the weekend.

yesterday my friend lennon came to town and spent the day with me. we had a great visit catching up on the past twenty years. it's so wild the way i've caught up with several friends in the past year that i've not been in contact with for twenty years.

sometimes i can't believe how old i am and how quickly the years have passed by. sometimes i wonder what my life would have been like if i had finished college and had a career. where would i be now. but i AM happy now and wouldn't change me life for anyone's...except for the health problems.

i'm ready for the cool crisp air of fall. i've always felt that autumn is my new year. celebrating the autumnal equinox feels like a time of new beginnings. it's the start of autumn and winter holidays...mabon, samhain,winter solstice, a time of family and friends and reflection.

i really want this next year to be different. i want to be healthier, more connected to myself and my life. i want to find a job i like, start working towards buying a house, spend more time communicating with my daughter, put more time and effort into my beliefs.

i want to do regular rituals and esbats. i know when i am connected to my goddess and celebrating my beliefs that i am happier and healthier. i want to get back into yoga and just DO more. i want to work harder on my jewelry business and really put the effort into networking and advertising so that spiral-bliss grows.

i know i can do it. it just takes work and dedication. life will get better, but it's up to me to make it so. i feel good about the future.

so today...just housework and laundry. i feel better when i have a clean house and chores are caught up. i feel more peaceful. the animals seem to be affected by the heat spell.

the dogs are in and out constantly because tho they long to be outside enjoying the summer, it's just too hot for them to be out long.

the fids have been just plain ornery! lately every time zoey and tucker are out of their cage and playing on their playtop and perches they seem to just be plotting where they will go and what they will do the second i leave the room!

i went to switch laundry and find zoey on my desk contentedly chewing up the cover of my "html for dummies book". okay that's maybe an accurate review of the book, but it helping me! i pick her up and say "no" sternly.

i leave to get a drink and return to find both zoey and tucker sitting on top of my beaded velvet jewelry box having a ball trying to pull off the seed beads. they were just cheeping and purring away.

i hate to have to leave them in their cage all day. even tho it is a six foot by six foot cage and FULL of fun toys, i like them to have some freedom too. and they do get locked up anytime i leave the house. but if i'm gone in another part of the house for more than a few minutes i may have to start locking them up as well.

the other day they got down on my jewelry board and when i came in they were standing on it picking up blue sodalite beads and running over to the end of the table and throwing them on the floor. then they'd chirp excitedly and run back for more. it was funny but exasperating as well because i had to pick up all the beads! lol

anyway, i'm off to switch the laundry again and think this time the littlebits (that is what i call zoey and tucker) are going back in their cage temporarily.

have a wonderful day and try to stay cool!

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