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i love converse chuck taylors!

yep another entry! i was going to work on getting Part II of the zen saga up but no one has commented on Part I so not sure if anyone is interested or just not commenting. why does it matter anyway if people comment. guess because i wrote so much and it was pretty personal and hard to write. i do want to know that people are reading it. i know i shouldn't care.

enough whingeing and begging for comments...LOL. i am starting to sound like a brat. which of course i can be at times. but a fun sort of brat who's mischevious more than spoiled!

speaking of spoiled. i want to be spoiled. i want some more new converse chuck taylors. i adore those shoes and i better be able to wear them to work. yes i know i don't have a job yet, but i plan to...eventually when the health allows.

here are the pairs i'm wearing right now:

these are the pair i just sold on e-bay. i bought them a 1/2 size too big thinking they'd still work out okay...but nope they didn't.

these are the ones i want! but must get a job first! lol

*sigh* one of these days. anyway, please let me know if you'd like me to continue with the saga of zen. thanks darlings!

~zen (wearing the pink chuck ts) 3 little birdies chirped

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