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"Your Oasis on Flame Lake" by Lorna Landvik:
This was an excellent book. One of those fast easy reads that manages not to be cheesy! Loved the character development, from the teenagers to the parents. Good plotline, but the story was really more about the people. The descriptions of Flame Lake in Minnesota wanted me to travel there! The novel is about two entertwined families, the mothers having known each other since high school. They are raising their children together and are in and out of each other's homes like family. When a crisis occurs with one of the teenage daughters they all have to face issues in their marriages and in their families to help each other.

"Francesca's Party" by Patricia Scanlan:
First of all, I love novels that take place in England, Ireland and Scottland so the fact that this novel took place in Ireland gave it a thumb's up from the beginning. It's the story of a typical family, stay at home Mom, works too much Dad, almost grown sons. Things are going smoothly, the Mom believes, until she catches her husband in another woman's arms. But don't think this is just the typical Harlequin type romance novel. It's too well written and the characters are too well dimensioned to be so. You'll love watching Francesca as she changes from a submissive wife and mom to a woman in her own right.

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