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happy mother's day

so what have you missed out on dear readers? weekend was the same as the majority of my weekends (how sad)....stayed home the majority of the weekend. the hubby and i went to sam's club and the kroger's.....exciting, yes? i was busy with jewelry thingies and hubby cleaned his aquariums. we did watch an old chuck norris movie that the hubby had been wanting to watch...i think it was called "firewalkers". it was okay, some funny parts.

yesterday we watched some tv together....he worked on his website and played some warcraft, while i read some diaries. very quiet day.

today the hubby is back to work and i'm here on the couch feeling lousy. this chilly weather that has blown back through is a bitch on the bod. cold gets into my joints and my bones and it HURTS!!

also did i tell you this? my surgery got delayed until june 5th!! i am so angry i'd like to throttle my doctor's office. although it seems this time to be the hospital itself that's caused the current problem. so now two more weeks til surgery.

running low on pain pills...pain getting worse...surgery rescheduled...arghhhhhhhh. forgive me if i begin to whine too much!

so yesterday was mother's day. i called my darling mom and we had a great conversation...course we always do and we talk like every other day...but this was more special because it was mother's day!

then my darlingest em called me to tell me "happy mother's day"....and to ask if she can have one of our cars for the summer so she can stay with her grandparents and get a job there. i'll have to talk to the hubby and see if he can get the little truck fixed before she's out of school.

i'm thinking about going to see my mom before my surgery. need to talk to the hubby and see if we can swing it financially. my littlest brother, wes is coming to the folks for memorial day so i'd like to go home that weekend...but we have baseball tickets for that weekend...hmmmmm.

i guess i'll wait and talk to hubby. i miss my mom a lot and wished i lived closer. i can't imagine my life without my mom in it. i don't think i could handle it. she's the best person in the world, i can't describe it. everybody who knows my mom loves my mom....she just has that effect on ya.

she's so calm and serene....she makes you feel better just to sit in a room with her. she has a gentle voice that instantly envelops you in a hug when she says hello....she's like all the best parts of all the sitcom moms. ack, she'd kill me for all this mush i'm writing about her! *smile*

today i have done a few chores, took a long hot shower which helped a bit with the pain...temporarily anyway. now i'm lying on the couch, waiting for the hubby to call and see if he wants me to start anything for dinner.

well i'm off to diary hop a few while waiting on the hubster~..........~zen 1 little birdies chirped

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