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it's tuesday...my friend guy and his new galpal, oh geez that's a horrible term, how'd i come up with that one? let's try that one again...my friend guy and his new girlfriend blue-eyes came over today so i could meet her.

what a sweetie! smart, funny and so down to earth, felt like i've known her for years. i'm so happy for guy, and so hoping this works out well for him. he deserves a good relationship. he's been hurt so much in the past. so far he and blue-eyes are just adorable together tho. all calling each other honey and you can tell they can barely keep their hands off each other. awww, young love! *smile*

today i made fried chicken for the hubby. for the first time, truly...can't believe i've not tried to make it before. and he loved it! said it was the best chicken i've ever made and perhaps even the best chicken he has ever eaten. yay me!

it was just boneless skinless chicken breast, dipped in egg, then a flour and spices mix and fried in a bit of corn oil. but boy he was one happy camper! put him in a good mood for the whole evening!

then he took the dogs for a walk and came home to work out. he did a half hour on the bike, then i went up to ride the bike a few. i actually rode a whole mile yesterday and then again today on the exercise bike. yay for me considering how badly i am hurting right now.

here's hoping that exercising will help the joint pain anyway! i'm so ready for warmer less humid weather...this cool humid weather is killing my joints. OWWWWW! WHINE WHINE.

okay end whine....got some of my jewelry orders in today but am still missing a few things that i need to complete the projects i need to mail out. here's hoping they get here soon. i need money!!!

i'm feeling slightly more depressed lately and am kinda scared it's coming back again. grrrr, already on the max dose of effexor so if my depression gets worse again it means trying a different med. scary thought. but not nearly as scary as falling into complete depression.

i'm being careful though, and if it gets to THAT point that i can't pull myself out of it at all, i'll call the doc. but for now i'm trying on my own, with friends, family, talking online and exercising again. anything to keep the "mean reds" away!

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