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Yesterday was a quiet day...mainly watched television and played online most of the day. I had every intention of making more jewelry pieces but I just couldn't get motivated. I did get my jewelry table organized and some of the gemstones sorted which was a beginning anyway. It's not that I feel blocked creatively or anything, I know that once I get started I'll be cranking them out like crazy *smile*, but it's the getting started that's eluding me! Maybe I need someone to take away my internet for a couple of days!!
I was watching "the View" when I heard my nanday conure Thea splashing around in her water dish. She was ducking her entire head into her water bowl and trying to get the water to go down her back...then she'd flip her wings around determined to bathe her lovely emerald and sapphire feathers. She does this when she is trying to tell me to take her upstairs and give her a proper bath! So I did give her and Hawk, our orange winged Amazon, a nice bath! So, when hubby got home they were all bright and shiney! Such beautiful birds!!
Fixed or should I say re-heated dinner for hubby as he wanted leftover mexican from the other day. We watched a bit of tv together and then he decided to go play a computer game. I couldn't stop thinking about the cheesecake in the fridge! And dammit if I didn't heed the evil siren's song AGAIN and b/p. I hate myself when I do this! It's so harmful for my body and my metabolism! I don't want to gain weight! BAH!
I forgot to go to the pharmacy yesterday and pick up my sleeping meds so was up most of the night last night. I ate another piece of cheesecake but wouldn't allow myself to purge. I refuse to contiune the beeping cycle. The cheesecake is now gone and I'm DONE! Watched late night tv which included several episodes of Degrassi - Next Generation. I don't know why I like that show so much...maybe because it reminds me of watching Degrassi Junior High when I was a kid. Takes me back to a quieter, calmer time in my life. Sometimes it's fun to shift into kidmode for a bit. Keeps me sane!!
Today I must go to the pharmacy and the grocery store, I'm almost out of Diet Sunkist *horrors!!* and have to pick up my sleeping meds! At least this will get me to get off the couch and get a shower and get moving! I'm such a slag lately! I'm still waiting on the docs to call back and say when my surgery is scheduled! The waiting is driving me nuts. I know I have some things that I have to get done beforehand because after the surgery I'll be couch/bed bound pretty much for six weeks! Ugh!!
Off to take care of my zoo!

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