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cheesecake, parrots and birthdays

Yesterday was a good day. Guy came over around two for his birthday celebration! He's new to the area and doesn't know very many people...we actually went to high school together,eons ago...and just reconnected a few years ago. We're really good friends, strictly platonic! He's a really sweet guy and spending the day with him is just like being with a best girlfriend...we watch movies and dish and laugh and just enjoy each other's company. We watched a couple of movies. First we watched "Beauty Shop"...I admire Queen Latifah for her ability to be comfortable in her body. And it was just a cute funny cozy movie. Also lots of quotes from one of my favorite poems "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou. (did I spell her name right?) Second movie was "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"...Guy had somehow missed seeing all of Kevin Smith's movies...I love Kevin Smith! We watched "Chasing Amy" and "Dogma" last week. "Jay and Silent Bob" was not even in the same zip code as "Chasing Amy" and "Dogma"!! Those two movies are so hilarious and unique and have such great dialogue! "Jay and Silent Bob" was like some little boy's idea of his dream movie...lots of sex and fart jokes and pretty women in skin tight leather.

I fixed dinner for all of us. Hubby finally got home in time for dinner, but he didn't want to watch a movie with us so ate in his computer room. He's so unsociable!! Anyway, I fixed Mexican for dinner - one thing I can cook well. The boys loved it and I didn't eat anything but my fat free pita and fat free cheese. Yay me...but later that night, hubby in bed and Guy's gone home. The mexican and cheesecake are calling me! So, I heed the evil siren song........and I B/P...first one like that in a long time. But today is a new day, and I'm done with the beeping! Done I tell you! I cannot get back on that rollercoaster...it'll just lead to more health problems and the main thing...WEIGHT GAIN! That I cannot bear. So, I begin anew and have had nothing to eat yet today. I'll have something later when I feel more in control. May just stay out of the kitchen today and wait and eat when hubby gets home. Maybe I can get him to finish off the cheesecake!

Well enough nattering on about freaking food. Gave my lovely birds a bath today! They are just so adorable in the tub! Thea has her own little shower perch and just lays her little head on the perch and spreads her wings out and lets the water just beat down on her back! Hawk plays in the tub and flits back and forth with wings spread wide as the water plays down on him. They just love bathtime! Hawk sings and whistles his joy while Thea is very quiet and just lays on her perch letting the water lull her. What would I do without my birds! One of these days I'll do an entire entry about my four parrots! Really I will!

Well, I must get some housework done today and still have emails to answer and message boards to check!

Todays Music Pick "Girl Next Door" by Saving Jane.

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