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I haven't written, because really not much has been happening. Days all blend together into river of sameness (is that a word?)...every day is the same for me. I get up, feed the animals, watch tv and check e-mails and internet, do some housework...then the rest of the day is tv,internet,housework, and jewelry making. that's what i should be doing with all this free time. why am i not creating jewelry? alas the muse is sleeping. *smile* i should be working on my jewelry...building up the inventory...but I can only work with the stones and silver when the creative energy flow through my hands. the energy has to be there for jewelry to be created. and i've been such a "couch potato" lately so I'm not getting anything creative done! I'm hoping that one day I'll just be overtaken by the Goddess of Creativity and I'll start making jewelry and sculpting and drawing and doing all the things that I thought I would do with this time. I don't know why I choose to let this time just slide away...because it is a choice. I am choosing to let these days just evaporate away...doing nothing. So many things I could be creating. Ack, I have to get off this lazy arse! I'm hoping the arrival of spring will help push me forward into the world again.

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