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soup, cookies, clerks II and smokes...

today i am feeling better! yesterday evening a unfamiliar feeling of domesticity came over me and i made a big pot of homemade vegetable soup and baked sugar cookies which i frosted with lovely buttercream frosting and sprinkles! my fids love to pick off the sprinkles when i eat one, eat a cookie that is not a fid! LOL

then the hubby (who is being incredibly sweet lately!) and i watched Clerks II. it was really good! if you are a fan of kevin smith movies, you'll love it!

we went to the speedway and bought beer and smokes. yes the same hubby who freaked out when he found out i bought a back of ciggies last week, actually bought me smokes last night. like i said he's being incredibly sweet lately. perhaps the ghosts of christmas future visited him and showed him a life without me? *grin* i'm just happy he's being easy to get a long with. makes me happy!

today we are continuing to upload items to our ebay store...right now it's all collectibles, but clothing and jewelry will be coming soon!

check us out: Rare Finds and One-of-a-Kinds

today is football day! go bengals!!! it's going to be a tough game. we are playing indianapolis; but we have won our last four games and indy has lost their last 3 of 4! so....who dey! my hubby so hates when i say that! *GRIN* ~zen 5 little birdies chirped

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