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happy news of the day!

just call me grandma!

my step-daughter is pregnant and the baby is due in mid-june! i told her she better have that baby on my birthday! *smile* i'm so excited! but i feel too young to be a grandma! i am not even grey yet! LOL

noelle is still living with her mother in another state but we are going down jan. 3rd to bring her back up here to spend some time with us. not sure how long she is staying. we've told her our home is always a home for her and if she wanted to live here she was always welcome. i'd love her to move in here and have her baby.

you already know that baby is going to be spoiled rotten! i'm so ready to go baby shopping NOW! but maybe i should wait til her next ultra-sound when we can hopefully find out what she's having!

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