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1. Do you like the fact that we have different seasons? Does it matter to you? Why/Why not?......i definitely like the seasons! living in arizona i would get so sick of the sunshine! they actually advertise out there "over 330 days of sunshine a year!". the season i missed most when i was out there was autumn! there's nothing like an october blue sky, foliage burning the trees with riotous flames of red, orange and cold, the smell of dry leaves on the sidewalk, the scent of bonfires....autumn has always been my favorite season. arizona had two seasons too hot and way too hot! the desert is beautiful...but a little bit of arizona goes a long way! i am glad to be back in the mid-west where we have different seasons!

2. With changing seasons comes changing weather. What weather changes do you like and dislike that come with this?.......i don't like when it is really hot (over 90) and i don't like extreme humidity. i don't like intense cold (below 20) but i love snow. at least in the cold i can lay on the couch underneath an electric blanket! and i like the coziness of it being cold and yucky outside yet inside you're all warm and comfy under a big quilt watching movies or reading a good book. that's something i miss in the summer. the cozy comfy feeling! lol

3. Which season do you dislike the most? Why?......hmmm, that's difficult. i hate being too cold or too hot. too cold makes my body HURT and too hot just makes me miserable and grumpy! so i guess i'd say my least favorite season is too hot summer and too cold winter. sorry that's two, and only parts of those two! LOL

Bonus Question for Comments: What's your favorite seasonal activity (This could be anything)? Why?....winter - in the living room curled up on the couch under a big comfy quilt, a fire roaring in the fireplace, hubby on the other end of the couch, tarna in the middle of us trying to burrow her nose under the quilt and talazar lying on the floor at hubby's feet. the fids are in their cages as it's late and they're quietly sleeping. the drapes are pulled from the big picture window and the outside lights are on so i can see out....big snowflakes punctuate the night sky and the moon casts a silver glow on the snow already fallen. hubby and i are drinking hot cocoa and eating homemade cookies. we relax back and the hubby pushes play on the remote as we relax back into our pillows and wait for the movie to start.

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