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i've got to make some changes, NOW. after inhaling two boxes of rice krispie treats today plus other junk food and smoking way to many cigarettes i realize it's no wonder my body won't heal!

i'm treating my body like a trash receptacle and it's responding in such! so if i want to get better and feel better i have to take matters into my own hands. i have to start eating healthier and getting some form of exercise.

what i miss the most of all is that sense of connectedness i once felt with my body. when i did yoga i actually liked and appreciated my body. i felt limber and strong and so in touch with each muscle and bone. as i bent and stretched i loved how easily my hands could touch the floor and how strong my legs were as i did the crane pose.

i want that feeling again! i want to love my body, to feel strong and powerful and healthy! and it's all up to me. i can't blame this on anyone else. i broke the connection; it's up to me to rebuild it.

so today; lugh is a time for banishing and new beginnings and so it shall be. i will do a ritual today where i will start on a new path. slowly but surely i can regain the strength physically, emotionally and spirtually that i have tossed aside.

i'm excited and i do feel the power of my goddess. it's a time for new beginnings and a time to grow and heal. i'll write more later as i must get some rest and work on my ritual which i will perform as a solitary at noon.

blessed be...~zen 8 little birdies chirped

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