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guinness and lily...keepers!

our friends guinness and lily came over for dinner last night. hubby grilled his super yummy teryaki soy chicken and we fixed corn on the cob, baked beans, salad with tons of fresh veggies, fresh hot crusty french bread and butter, deviled eggs and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. whew! we ate well last night!

guinness and the hubby have been friends for many years. so long now that i consider guinness family! guinness and lily have been dating about six months or so and i've only met her once, because generally when guinness comes over here it's to play on the computer with hubby or to go disc golfing, so lily doesn't come with.

so i decided i wanted to get to know this lily girl that was dating my boy guinness. you know, make sure that she passes all the tests and all! guinness is just such a great guy and he's really been through so much shit in his life. he's sweet, kind, intelligent and the funniest person i know! so i have to make sure that lily is worthy! lol

so we ate and drank and laughed and got to know lily. and i love her! she's just the perfect one for guinness! smart, funny, down to earth, everything he deserves and wants! *crosses fingers* i'm going to a wedding!

it was nice for hubby and i as well to be a couple last night. we played games and goofed off and my honey and i...we were a team! then today we just laid around on the couch and watched tivo'ed episodes of "the dead zone" and "monk". i love days like today.

makes me long for autumn and dare i say it? ..........F O O T B A L L season!!! i love that time of year. cool crisp air, leaves that vibrate with color and sound, the sky so blue you lose yourself in it and wind that whispers through your hair and down the collar of your shirt. coming home to a mug of hot cocoa and a snuggle with the hubby.

and then i open my eyes and i'm back in this blasted humidity again! ugh! i am so thankful i have air conditioning but i still would like to be able to go outside and enjoy the world! *sigh* oh well, i don't really have anywhere i need to be anyway!

this is just a blah blah entry, one of those quiet do nothing days, where the minutes melt into hours and soon it's almost time for bed.

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