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finally a surgery date!

i have now been up for 25 hours straight so forgive me if i begin to sound like a blathering idiot.

i ran out of morphine yesterday so was up all night in so much pain. owww. *insert whine here* i did have my doctor's appointment today, thank goodness and they gave me more short acting morphine plus some long acting morphine to take at night that they said would help me sleep all night.

we can all see how well it is working can't we? but the good news is...i got my surgery date! finally! may 16th i go under the knife, or the scalpel as it were. how strange to be exciting to be hacked open eh? i'm just praying that after this surgery i will feel so much better again.

as i have written in the past, i have a spinal cord stimulator (you can read all the gory details of why in my cast of characters if you really want) and the lead is broken. so may 16th they are going to put in TWO more leads so that should provide even more stimulation coverage. ooh, that sounds vaguely erotic, does it not?

so today...after being up all night the hubby took me to the doctor. i was so tired and feeling irritable, but the weather was beautiful and we put the top down on the convertible and the sun was warm and the breeze cool....lovely. put me in a bit better mood. then went to doc, got the good news regarding the surgery date, plus my morphine refilled. ahhh, much better. pain finally slightly eased.

my griend guy came over tonight to watch "american idol" and it was fun. i enjoyed tuesday's show where they sang two songs. katharine was great and i was teasing guy..."remember during auditions when i told you to remember the name katharine mcfee that she was the next american idol"? ...he replied, as he does every week..."yes zen, you remind me every week when we watch her sing. lol

but i love chris too and can't decide who i want to win. in a way katharine because i think chris' career could be better if he didn't win, if that makes any sense at all. and i was happy to say bye to paris. i'm hoping next week taylor!

okay enough television talk. a good surprise showed up on our doorstep tonight, a big box of omaha steaks and chicken breasts from my lovely dad! wasn't that the sweetest gift. the hubby sure thought so! *smile* guess who's not cooking the next couple of nights!

took the nightime morphine and it is indeed helping the pain...tried to go to bed but remained WIDE-EYED and brain racing, so came back down to the couch and am lying here with the laptop and hoping to get sleepy.

flits off to read other diaries...~zen 3 little birdies chirped

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