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such a life!

it's been a crappy week, which is why i haven't updated....bad migraine the beginning of the week which knocked me out for a couple of days. had a hard time getting back on my feet after that one...felt better mid-week, but then wednesday night when guy came over to watch american idol, i drank waaayyyyy too much whiskey...passed out and can't remember anything. that's scary when you blackout...i think i'm done with drinking! ugh! so thursday i felt like crap all day. i deserved it tho!

so laid around most of the day thursday. hubby was home with me friday and took me out to lunch...sweet of him huh? then we went grocery shopping (how very exciting of us!)...then home to hang out til time to go to the baseball game. it was a fun game and the first night game i have been too. we have tickets for another night game in may! woohoo! baseball is fun when you are at the game...the crowd really gets into it and the whole atmosphere is fun. but expensive! a beer was 6.25....dayam! we just had diet pepsi and that was 5.00 for a 32oz. soda!! crazy huh?

today we again went shopping...i know i lead such an exciting life, you envy me, i know you do! meh! i got some good food for meals this week, and some yummy shrimp! i haven't decided yet what to do with it. may just make shrimp cocktail...it's so tasty that it doesn't need anything else! so guess what i'm having for dinner? yep, a bunch of shrimp! yum!

we were having a friend over tonight and making chili (yucko) but hubby hasn't mentioned if he is still coming over so don't know what is going on there. this afternoon i am watching three episodes of "veronica mars" that i had tivo'ed. great show! now i have the rest of the day and don't know what to do with myself? don't feeling like doing housework...it's saturday!!! i'm tired and am now broke so don't really want to go out...so guess i'll wander around diaryland a bit and get caught up and then see if hubby wants to watch a movie...we just got two in the mail today from netflix!
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