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Wow, it's been over a month...but really nothing much has changed. I'm still unemployed, still waiting on a surgery date. Depression is a bit better with the increase in my Effexor. Now I have got to find a way to get motivated! My house is such a mess and there are so many things I could and should do, but I spend most of the day on the couch reading, surfing, and watching tv/movies. I've made a couple of jewelry pieces, but I should be making several pieces a day and getting their pix up on my website! Gah, I hate this quicksand of blah I'm stuck in right now.

My daughter came home two weekends ago and I was so wonderful having her here in the house again! The house felt alive again...I guess I've never really dealt with the whole empty nest thing and she's been away at school for two and a half years now...but the circumstances around her leaving are still too painful for me to face. Change of subject.

My house is full of animals tho! Two dogs ages 9 and 11 ... poor lil old guys. They've really changed a lot in the past year, I can really see them aging and it's sad! They've been a part of our lives for so long, I hate to imagine a life without them here. We have two iguanas as well, but I'm not so attached to them!!

But my parrots, my babies, my loves! I could not have known how they would change my life!! When they came here to fill my empty nest they filled a hole inside me and I fell madly in love, particular with a little nanday conure named thea! she is the light of my day, and a reason to get up each morning! It's impossible to stay totally depressed in a house filled with birds! We have four parrots and they keep me so busy! I'll write an entry and post some pix specifically about the birds one day soon! Promise!

Today I went out for awhile with my neighbor. First time out of the house in six days! Bad me, isolating again! We just went running errands but it felt so good to get out! Just feeling the sun on my face and the wind whipping my hair made me walk a bit taller and lightened the depression cloud! I definitely need to make the effort to get my butt up and out more often!

Well, I'm off to search the web.

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