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quiet summer weekend


good evening all. hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. mine has been nice..quiet and relaxing. the hubby and i went to the post office this morning and then to the pharmacy. exciting eh? lol

then home where we sat out on the front porch balcony for awhile enjoying the absolutely gorgeous day we are having here in the mid-west. humidity and heat have both lowered and it was a perfect sunny day!

this afternoon i have been working on jewelry projects and the hubby and i watched "monk" and "psych" that i had tivo'ed last night. great shows!!

this evening i am watching "trading spaces" while hubby is in his computer cave playing a computer game. i'm working on jewelry projects while watching tv.

so a good day, even tho we really didn't do much at all. i suppose sometimes that's a good thing! i did feel today like we should be out at the park or something! but the hubby was worn out after a busy work week and just wanted to stay home and relax today.

next week at this time my daughter 'em' will be home! i can't wait! i know she'll be busy seeing friends from high school that are also on college summer break but having her here makes this place feel like home again.

the house just feels empty without her. it also feels like a piece is missing, an ache that can't be fixed or filled with my girl gone. *sigh* but all is as it should be i know, she's 19 and should be spreading her wings as she is. just hard on the mama bird to let her fly from the nest!

my only worry about her being home for two weeks is sometimes the hubby gets jealous when she's here and i am spending a lot of time with her, that i usually spend with him. sometimes he gets pouty and irritated. now, if i ever confronted him on being jealous he would adamantly deny it...but it's so obvious!

have to make him understand that she's only home for two weeks and then i probably won't see her til christmas! so i'll have to kick his arse and make sure he behaves!

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