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saturday, whatta day....

happy memorial day weekend!!!

yesterday the hubby worked from home so it was nice having the company here. even though he was actually working most of the day i could still go in and hang out and bug him whenever i wanted to!

it was funny because anytime he had to get on a conference call, he'd drag the dogs into the aviary with me and say "i'll be on the phone for a meeting...keep 'em quiet!" lol...my zoo can be a noisy bunch!

last night we went to the ball game. a beautiful evening...warm without being too hot and there's something so magical about being at a baseball game at night, i love the lights and the fireworks and the sound of the bat connecting to the ball.

even though the only homerun was by the opposing team! *smile* it was still a fun evening and i got to snuggle with the hubby!

but oh, this morning i was paying the price for so much walking last night and i had to make the decision not to try and make the drive to my mom's. my body was telling me to STOP and when it does that, i listen.

luckily (and for this very reason) i had not told my mom that i was coming, so that she wouldn't be disappointed if i had to cancel.

so i ended up just getting some things done around here. hubby set me up a bigger jewelry table as my projects are outgrowing their digs. now i can be more organized and see things more easily.

my jewelry tables are in the aviary and my poor dear fids were not too happy with the new table being set up. they aren't too crazy about change and it always takes a day or two for them to adjust.

my little thea (the nanday conure) was very clingy and snuggly today. whenever i was in the room she wanted to sit on my shoulder and when i was online she sat right on my forearm watching me type. she looked like she was reading the screen...she'd tilt her head and look at the screen all the while rolling her little tongue around as she tried to form words! adorable!!!

so my day was spent primarily in this room, setting up jewelry supplies so i can see where things are now! yay for that. have a new piece to put a picture up as soon as i get hubby to take the pic! also caught up on some diaryland reads.

still two more days of the holiday weekend and i want to spend some time with the hubby tomorrow. i know he wants to do some work on his truck and he's building his new website...such a busy man! *smile*

but i think i'll ask him to take some time out tomorrow night to snuggle up and watch a movie...we can turn down the a/c so it's cool enough to cuddle on the couch under a quilt. we still haven't watched "narnia" yet. and i have "memoirs of a geisha" which i think i'll watch tomorrow afternoon while the hubby is computering.

my daughter 'em' is almost done with her junior year of college! she got an internship in my folks town, so will be staying with them this summer while working. *sadface*

i'm happy for her that she found an internship for which she is receiving school credit, but sad that she won't be home this summer. she's just growing up and away too quickly.

i think i am going to sign over one of the cars to her. she'll need one of her own this summer and that way she'll not have to just borrow it from us. hopefully she can get a ride here from school when it's out...then have a nice visit before driving her car to my folks to start work.

she'll be working for a domestic violence shelter; and working with abused kids and crime victims. what a great kid, i have. i'm so proud of my girl!

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