stepfordtart - 2006-09-10 17:14:28
awww, you sound so HAPPY! Yay you! s x PS Four day week's fine by me.
seacreature - 2006-09-11 17:43:49
Hey you! Yes, you DO sound sooo very happy. Yaay! Been busy busy busy with fun stuff eh? Awesome, no more laying around feeling useless. That's so funny, I have the same relationship with my parents. Every time I visit they spoil me rotten! We're blessed to have wonderful parents. Well, I hope you had a great Monday... I'm off to finish my day!
Stephanie - 2006-09-12 19:19:44
Hurray for paychecks!
awittykitty - 2006-09-16 23:38:28
Glad your Back to Work thing went well. My new job will be more like a real job. Hope it goes as well as yours. Yay for regular paychecks, right?

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