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so far a good sunday. gave the birdies their baths this morning. so much fun! they LOVE water! thea-bella has a shower perch in the shower and hawk plays in the bottom of the tub. thea-bella will just lay her whole body down on the perch and let the water beat down on her! and hawk dance and flaps his wings all around just whistling and chattering up a storm. i thought he was ready to get out so bent down to try to get him to step up and he growled at me!!! i was dying laughing...never been growled at by a bird before! LMAO!

trying to get laundry and housework caught up today because....i start a new job tomorrow! yup, my temp agency found me a new gig and i start tomorrow. it's good money so i couldn't turn it down, even tho i was looking forward to my time off this month. but at least this way i can afford to buy christmas gifts for people! it's only a 4-6 week placement but it has the opportunity to be extended and even perhaps go permanent so we'll see what happens and see if i even like it! it's working as an admin asst. in the tax department for federated dept. stores, they own macys and bloomingdales. so who knows, if it goes permanent i see a store discount in my future! LOL

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