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If a man answers the phone; break it!!!

Have you seen the movie”The Breakup”? Because, my hubby has the personality of Vince Vaughn in that flick. Remember the part where Vince’s best friend is telling him that he always does just what he wants to do and that everyone has always just gone along with it. Well, she (Ms. Aniston) was not standing for that and was demanding that he grow up and the best friend was trying to show Vince that he needed to make a decision. Either stay the way he was and lose the girl or learn to compromise and gain the girl.

My hubby always does what he wants. When it comes to outings of any sort (of course I mean those he will even deign attend); movies, restaurants; ball games etc…he always gets his way. And before you ask, I will tell you some of the places he will not go, a chick flick (nope), a mall (not happening), the ballet (don’t even think about it), the opera ( oh hell no!), anyone’s wedding (laughter now)……I think you get my point. So how does he always get his way you ask?

First: Regarding movies, restaurants, games, etc…he never argues…ever. Just says he will or won’t go. And if he won’t go, he’ll say I (insert name of any friend, family or past girlfriend or wife, there have only been two…wives I mean!!) can go there with one of my friends. He is never ever controlling. So, no need of an argument.

Second: He always knows where he wants to go and he’s perfectly happy to have me come along, he’d love it in fact. So we almost always just go where he wants to go so we can be together because I do love spending time with him and I know otherwise, I’ll have to take someone else.

The problem you ask? Because obviously, I wouldn’t be going to all the trouble of typing this out, if there weren’t a problem. The problem is, he has never ever had to learn to compromise. Some may say, his way is a method of compromising but I feel that to compromise means sometimes you just don’t get your way! And the real problem lies in the fact that he is just so used to getting his way, that when he doesn’t he can be a real ass about it.

Does anyone have any advice on the care and training of husbands? I’m asking because I watched a hilarious old movie last night with Sandra Dee and Bobby Darrin called <”If a Man Answers” that had some unusual and comedic “hubby training” methods in it.

I’ll be waiting for YOUR ideas!

Hugs and love………..~ZEN

And for those of you wondering about my unusual use of capitalization in this entry. I typed it using MSWord because Diaryland ate my first entry and I wasn’t about to type this a third time!!!

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