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good night moon, and the red balloon and the lady in the recliner at sam's...

this past weekend was nice...relaxing. saturday i went to the pharmacy to pick up my script and also ended up finding this really cool caboodles box. it has these eight drawers that fold upwards and can hold small jewelry pieces such as rings, pendants and bracelets. then in the bottle of the box i have my necklaces wrapped in felt. it's a perfect way to cart my jewelry around to prospective clients.

came home where the hubby and our friend guinness were still sorting through things to put in our ebay store. we're not listing anything in the store until we've got enought stuff organized to actually look 'full'. we're taking pix of everything, then packing them neatly in boxes and labeling them. then when people buy them we just go grab the correct box and plop it in the mail! squee! so here's hoping it'll help us make some money towards our house!

so back to the story i was attempting to begin regarding the meds i picked up at the pharmacy! after guiness left the hubby decided he wanted to go to sam's club and get front tires on our sebring...he said it could take up to two hours of wait time and did i want to go with? i said, "sure, just let me take my meds that i just picked up...i should have taken them this morning." so i quickly grabbed them from the pillkeeper, not even looking at what i was taking.

we get to sam's and i go order a strawberry banana smoothie. damn, those are sooooo good! i'm drinking my smoothie and just relaxing, sitting at those white plastic tables. the most adorable little boy is sitting near me eating a piece of pizza almost as big as he was! the longer i sat there, the more tired i became. i was literally drooping!

i go to look for my hubby and tell him i am so tired, i just want to sleep! he says, "let's go over to the furniture section and you can sit in one of the recliners. so we walk over to the recliners and i sit down in this oh so comfy recliner! i fell in love with this one!

i recline for what i think will be a brief rest to check out the chair. next thing i know the hubby is waking me up and telling me it's time to go home; the car is ready.

we go home and i immediately crash on the couch and don't wake up til morning.

that morning when taking my meds i realize that i took a lunesta sleeping pill the evening before instead of my thyroid tablet. no wonder i crashed on my ass!!!

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