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farts, snakes, smoothies and movies....

we shall now lighten up in the house of zen and i'll tell you some current funnies that have happened.

i was in the kitchen the other day getting a soda. i was standing at the kitchen table near the fridge and hubby was getting something out of the fridge. he backed up right against me...and i'm thinking awwww how sweet he wants a cuddle...then all of a sudden he lets loose with this huuuge FART! i was like "what the hell was that!!"..."you are SO not right"...but i was laughing my ass off, i wasn't really mad. he started to leave the room and i said " you do know that is going in my blog don't you??"...he got this funny look on his face and i walked on past him and just grinned!

yesterday i walked into the kitchen and the hubby was in the bathroom right off the kitchen and had hawk (the orange-winged amazon) on his shoulder. i hear hawk let out this long loud wolf whistle and yell back to the hubby "what's he think is so pretty".....the hubby replies, "ME! everytime i whip it out to take a piss, hawk whistles at me"....i said "honey, it's not you he's whistling at, it's your beautiful snake" and again i left the kitchen laughing "thanks hon, for another entry for my blog!".

see, my life is not all pain and depression. there are moments of humour and love and giddiness in my life. sometimes i just forget about them when i'm so overwhelmed by the pain. i'll have to start writing down the funny times and silly times more often so that i can come here and read them when i'm feeling depressed.

the new pain meds are still working well; scarily, amazingly well. i just keep waiting for that other shoe to drop or should i say other pill to drop. for that day when the pills no longer take away the pain. i still wish i could just take the oxy. now i'm taking three different pain meds and one of them is so mega expensive that without insurance there's no way i could do it. it retails for $900.00 for a box of 28 pills. insane eh?

so today:

i went to the library and got ten audio books and a bunch of books. i listen to the audio books at work all day. i love it! it makes the day go by so fast and i just LOVE listening to books all day! i hope i can find another job like this when i have to start job hunting again!

then i went to the grocery and picked up some nice healthy yummies. lots of yoghurt and smoothie drinks. dannon has a new smoothie drink that is only 60 cals and 0 fat grams. i am finally feeling determined to lose weight and get fit and healthy! now that the pain meds are working better i can start doing yoga and riding my exercise bike again! i'm so ready to get fit again. this summer's weight gain after the three back surgeries and the several months of being fairly immobile have left me flabby and at pretty much my highest weight ever (except for pregnancy). so i've got to lose about twenty pounds and tone up! i've got so many clothes i can't get my fat ass into! i kinow i will feel so much better about myself when i am thinner.

so right now i am watching shows that i have tivo'ed. catching up on some diaries. i need to clean my living room tonight...somehow the aviary just won't clean itself *smile*. then tonight i'm thinking a movie! tomorrow is football and laundry! woohoos! go team!


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