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grrrrr, i wrote this huge long entry and somehow the page got shut down and i lost the whole thing!!! so here i go again...

today was a good day! i slept in late...the hubby came in about 10AM and i was still sprawled in our bed asleep...he woke me up and said he was going to the post office and grocery and did i want to come along...i said no, but that i would get up and get ready to go out with him later.

i did get up but didn't feel like showering yet so came downstairs to the computer...based on a recommendation from prolifique i decided to set up a my space account. it was fun setting it up and choosing a background and uploading pix of me and my fids! the hubby got home and i was still on the computer! he said "c'mon and get cleaned up to go out with your husband"...so i did finally drag myself away from the computer and went up to the shower.

first i decided it was time to cut my bangs, or fringe as my welsch friend says! i hate long bangs! mine were getting below my eyebrows and i hate that! i like short choppy bangs which i haven't found a hairdresser that can do it for me. so i've learned to cut them myself! and i think i do a good job. i'll try to get the hubby to take a pic of me so i can post it!

so after my haircut and a shower i got dressed...wore my levis and a cute pink cami top with velvet straps...it's tight and low cut so shows some cleavage...then i put a pink blouse on over it because it is cool outside. came downstairs and hubby liked what he saw...especially the peeking out of "the girls"...he likes this shirt!! lol

we went to sam's club and i got two books! "son of a witch" and "dance of the gods". the hubby picked up some food and packing tape and envelopes. then we went to the pet store! love that place! picked up the zupreem food for the fids then found two new toys for my fiddies. one for each cage so they have something new to play with while we are at work all day!

came home and the hubby decided it was a perfect day to start winterizing the house. we live in an old house, it was built in 1895 and is three stories tall with 14 foot ceilings!! so, we don't have central air because it would be too expensive. so we have room air conditioners in the kitchen, bedroom and both living rooms. yes we have his and hers living rooms! lol

so he took out the air conditioners and i got out the shop vac....my absolutely favorite household appliance….i love using this thing! it sucks up anything in it’s path! i cleaned out the windows with the shop vac and then we used this foam stuff to put in the edges of the window where there were gaps where cold air blows in the winter. we’re almost ready now for cold weather!

put the new toys in the fiddies cages and after a few minutes of just staring at them, unsure what they were…then deciding they looked like fun they started playing with them! the toys had ropes and wooden blocks and plastic balls and rings, all kinds of fun things for chewing! it keeps them busy and occupied while we are gone at work during the day. in the evenings they are out of the cage until bedtime. they love mommy and daddy time!

this evening we watched the movie “X3”. it was pretty good, but not as good as the first two i thought.

now the hubby is in bed and i am lying on the couch with my laptop watching “grey’s anatomy” that i had tivo’ed. i’m going to go surf around some other diaries and maybe play around at my space.


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