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lots of sleeping, working hard and a new baby!

i slept sooo much this weekend! slept in til after nine AM on saturday morning, then fell asleep on the couch watching tv at 3 PM and slept til 9 PM. got up and had a bite to eat, then the hubby and i watched the movie "click"...it was pretty cute! then i fell asleep and slept til noon the next day! was back in bed last night by 11 PM and when the alarm went off this morning i was dreading getting out of bed!

kept nearly drifting off at work sitting at my computer. i've been so busy and am still about a day behind on updating the audit work on the computer and am still having problems running the script i need. *sigh* i'll figure it out though, i normally do.

work was quiet today for some reason! the guys weren't calling in on the radio too often so i was able to get a lot done. i love being able to listen to my mp3 mini while i'm working. i'm addicted to listening to audio books! makes the day so much more relaxing and i actually get so much more done!

tomorrow i will start listening to "the constant princess" by philippa gregory. it's about katherine of aragon, the daughter of king ferdinand and queen isabella of spain on her quest for the throne. i love books about england, ireland or scotland, especially ones that take place in the 1600's, 1700's and 1800's. it's a time of escape for me! i'd love to go back in time...to 1801 or so to england to meet jane austen!

so it's nearly 8 PM and i'm just waiting for "wife swap" to come on. that show just cracks me up! i won't be staying up very late tonight as i am so very tired still. i did realize today at work that i have been out of my thyroid medicine since last thursday. i am hypothyroid so without my meds my thyroid doesn't work and i get really tired and cold and achy. so no wonder i am so exhausted. went and picked up my script after work today so hopefully it'll kick in fairly quickly!!

ooh, i'm an aunt again! the hubby's youngest brother and his wife had a baby girl last week. she's so adorable! such a bright-eyed little one! here's a pic of her at two days old:

here's a pic of her and her big brother and sister:

sweet kiddos huh? i sure don't get to see all my nieces and nephews as much as i'd like!

well i'm off to watch some television and get the birdies fresh food and water so they'll be all set for tomorrow! hopefully i can stay awake for a little bit longer! lol

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