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"everyone is working for the weekend"

first week of work went well. i seem to be catching on well and am really enjoying it. all but the getting up at 5:30AM part!! and of course the most lovely part of all...i got my first paycheck!!!

i've been walking every day at work and i can feel my energy levels slowly returning. it's wonderful to feel a part of the real world again. the hardest part is leaving the fids all day! i was so used to being home with them all day as i'm sure they were used to having me home! but they seem to be settling in well and are soooo happy to see me when i get home...it's adorable how excited they get!

the in-laws arrived thursday afternoon and we've stayed busy with their visit. they and the hubby showed up at my work on friday and took me to lunch. friday night we stayed in and watched some television and just relaxed.

saturday the hubby and his folks drove up to the air force museum, but i was tired and hurting some, so i elected to stay home and read and get some laundry done. i've got to make sure to get those things done on the weekends now that i'm miss working woman again!

not sure exactly what the plans are for today. they've discussed several options, so i'll just have to wait til everyone is up and find out what the plans are. i know my mil would like to go to wally world and get some watch batteries and i could use some new socks and undies now that i'm not doing laundry as often. i'd also like to go to 'barnes and noble' as i have a twenty dollar gift card that is burning a hole in my purse!

can't believe it's back to work tomorrow already! i think we should initiate the standard four day work week....but still only eight hour days! *grin* anyone else in?

oh, i never did tell about my weekend last did i? so here goes: last saturday 'em' and i left around ten'ish to take her back to the dorms. we'd barely got out of town when i see out of my rearview mirror flashing blue lights. my heart sunk and i pulled over to the side of the road. the officer walked up to my car window and told me that i'd been tracked by airplane going 82 in a 60mph zone. damn! i got a $121.00 ticket!!

we arrived at her college three hours later to find she'd been assigned a third floor dorm room, in a dorm without an elevator! so we lugged all her stuff up to her dorm and then decided to run some errands before she began unpacking. went out and bought her some supplies and a really cool area rug for her dorm floor. her roommate was still out when we got back and 'em' wanted to wait til she got in before she began moving furniture around and unbunking their beds.

so after about three hours there i took off for my folks. arrived there an hour later with no speeding tickets! *smile* it was so great to be back home again! mom fixed a great dinner and then mom, dad and i just hung out and talked and then later watched some tv. mom and i decided to take a long wallk and it was so awesome just walking and talking and being with her.

the next day mom and i decided to go to the mall so i could get a piece of my favorite local pizza. mmmmmm, delish! then she bought me some new levis to wear to work. (don't ya just love a job where you can wear jeans and tennies!!!) we went to a couple of other stores and i ended up with two pair of levi's, a hooded zip sweatshirt, four shirts and an awesome new purse that i just love! my mom and dad just spoil me rotten! i'm so much momma's girl!

that same day we went over to my aunt's house - it's my mom's older sister and they look SO much alike! it was too funny, we showed up at my aunt's house and when aunt j came to the door, she and my mom were wearing the exact same pair of pants and matching shirts! we all cracked up, it's so much like them; oftentimes they seem more like twins than just sisters! i also got to see my cousin marley and she and i took a walk together. so great to see family ya know! i miss them all so much!

that night mom cooked a lovely dinner and she and my dad and i just relaxed afterwards talking and then later watching some tv. i was so sad to be leaving the next day! being with my mom is so wonderfully relaxing and calming for me. we have so much fun and i never laugh as much as when i'm with her. she really is my best friend!

but monday morning i had to leave. i left around ten and drove to my brother will's house. he had just been transferred to a city halfway between my folks' and mine. i was excited to see him again and get to see his new house!

arrived there about noonish and was greeted with hugs by my brother will and his wife lynn. my two nieces and my nephew were excited to give me a house tour and show me their new bedrooms. what a beautiful home they have!!! WOW! i love it! they took me to lunch and it was a very relaxing and comfortable afternoon.

finally arrived home after six pm. exhausted yet content to have seen so much of my family over the past few days. i miss them so much!

well, i'm off to talk to the hubby and his folks to see if they've made our plans for the day! i'll try to get caught up with everyone's diaries soon, i promise!

love and hugs, ~zennie 4 little birdies chirped

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