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i'm a working woman!

started my new job yesterday and i love the people there! very relaxed and funny! it's a temp position, replacing a woman while she's on maternity leave. she's taking ten weeks off from the time she has the baby. so, she's training me now while she awaits the baby's birth.

the job is very busy and right now i'm feeling quite overwhelmed! i keep telling her she better not have that baby for a couple of weeks so i can have that time for training! lol

i'd love to get on full time with this company so *crosses fingers* we'll see what happens when this temp assignment is over. i'm hoping there will be an opening somewhere that i can apply for when she gets back from maternity leave.

i do like working again, it feels good to get out of the house and be around people again! and the paycheck will be pretty darned nice as well! *smile*

stepfordtart, your necklace is just about done...sorry i haven't finished it this week but i've been so exhausted after getting home from work that i've parked it on the couch and just watch tv until i fall asleep! i promise to get it done this weekend and get it mailed out the first of next week. is that okay?? sorry it's taken me so long. i'll send you a little something extra along with the necklace as an apology m'dear!

well, i just wanted to pop in and say hello. i'm tired and hurting some and am going to lay down on the couch and watch some shows i've tivo'ed. i'll try to catch up on diaries this weekend sweeties!

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