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as zen joins the work force once again...

well i have exciting news!! i got a job and will be going back to work starting the tuesday after labor day! yup me, working again after being off since february! i'm so excited, yet nervous at the same time.

i'm feeling better physically. got new pain meds last week which are working really well...so other than still being tired a lot, i am feeling SO much better. i think the fatigue will get better as i am up and about more and build my strength back up. it's been an exhausting summer what with the surgeries and infections etc.

so as for my new job...it's through a temp agency and it's a temp position for someone who is going on maternity leave; but it will last until december! so it's a good start to get me back in the working world.

i'll be working for our local cable company as an audit coordinator! and the best thing, i get to wear jeans and tennis shoes to work as i'll be in an office all day and am not working with the "public". i'll be working with a crew of technicians who are out in the field all day.

they go on routes house to house to see that people are getting the correct cable for which they are paying. they input their info into their handheld devices and i download that information and put it into a database and send reports on. so it sounds pretty simple and i met a couple of the guys at the interview and they were really nice and down to earth!

so, it sounds like a perfect job for me getting back into the work force again! and hopefully they will like me there and i will like it there; then when the temp assignment is done maybe they'll find me a permanent position somewhere! we'll see!

so i start next tuesday! i am taking "em" back to school saturday then driving on to my parent's house and will stay there until monday. can't wait to spend a couple of days with my mom!!! she's the most awesome person in the world and my best friend in the whole world! so i'm really excited!

then monday (labor day) i'll drive back home and stop halfway to see my younger brother that just moved. he's now only 90 minutes from me and halfway between my mom's house and mine! so i'll stop and see him and his wife and kids and get to see the new house! can't wait.

then tuesday it's back to the working world for me! i'm really excited about it and think i'll enjoy it! my one thing that i'm nervous about is my fatigue levels. i'm hoping that it gets under control soon so it doesn't affect my work. i know it'll just take time and my body has been thru so much this summer with the surgeries and infections and it is just going to take time for it to rebound.

the best thing is to just slowly get more and more active and my body will start to build back up it's stamina and musce tone again. so, i just have to be patient and push thru the fatigue! go me! lol

the one thing that makes me sad about working is having to leave the birds home alone during the day. they are so used to me being around all day and letting them out of their cages to play. now they'll be locked up for all day while hubby and i are at work. *cry* it makes me so sad to think they'll be lonely for me! but i know they'll just sleep and play with their toy and then when i DO get home they'll be so excited to see me and come out and play! what wonderful little fids they are....so happy to see me anytime. there's nothing like the unconditional love of a fid to make your day!

okay, i'm off to peruse some diaries and try to get caught up again!

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