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"mama, i'm coming home!"

wheeeeeeeee! i am so happy! as you know my 19 year old daughter 'em' has been living with my parents this summer as she has a summer job there at the mall as well as an internship at the domestic violence center for which she is receiving school credit.

but she's coming home here for two weeks before she goes back to school!!! yay!! i miss her being home so much! it still makes me sad to see her things around the house and know that she is not living here anymore! she'll be a senior in college this september. my baby.

reminds me that i need to work on part III in the saga of zen. soon, i promise!


went to the doc today. he said the upper incision still shows signs of infection and is just healing well. i have this huge gaping hole in my back that's the size of a silver dollar or bigger! UGH!

so he is sending me to a wound specialist on monday to check it out; also he did more cultures. and he is setting up an appointment with me to see a plastic surgeon next week about the wound and healing and scars. it looks really bad. *sigh*

hubby is bugging the hell outta me about going back to work, i did send out some resumes this week but haven't heard anything back yet. it's so hard to imagine working while still trying to heal and going to the doctor once a week at least! i don't think a new employer is going to be that sympathetic!

zen: "excuse me mr. boss, i realize this is my first week with you, however i need to ask for two days off every week to attend to doctor's appointments and tests and such. will that be a problem?"

mr boss: "zen, you're FIRED".


gave the fids a bath yesterday! i love bath days. i take hawk (hubby's orange winged amazon) and thea (my nanday conure) upstairs to the bathroom. as soon as they realize we are heading up the stairs to the bathroom they start getting excited! whistling and chirping and leaning forwards trying to get me to go faster.

thea has a shower perch that suction cups to the inside of the wall behind the bathtub and she loves to sit on her perch while the shower rains down up on her.

she'll actually stretch out her whole little body and lay on that perch with her wings spread out so the water beats down on her back. she closes her eyes and just lays there loving it. then she'll sit up and shake her wings and tail feathers out over and over. nandays have long tail feathers and when they are wet they are heavy so she spends a lot of time in the shower shaking her tail feathers as they make her tip backwards slightly!

hawk on the other hand doesn't like the shower perch; he has to be in the tub scampering around. as soon as the water starts he begins to sing and chirp and whistle. he'll start with "hi guys", "hi baby", "how are youuuuu, fine", then he just whistles and whistles and fans his wings out as he dances around getting the water on to his back.

he can actually whistle a good bit of the mayberry song, you know the beginning of andy griffith? he's really good and a very musical bird!

those fids LOVE the water and would spend hours in there if i let them! they're never ready to get out! i get hawk out first and wrap him in the towell and towell dry his back and wings and little face. then i put him on my finger and raise him up high and bring him down quickly so he flaps his wings to dry them off.

when i get my little thea out i wrap her in a towell, then i bring both birds back downstairs and hawk is dying to get to his cage so he can start preening. but thea snuggles down into her towell against my chest and i sing to her.

just her little face and beak peek out of the towell and i give her kisses and rub my nose against her beak and she purrs and chirps. i rub her little back on the outside of the towell and we sing and rock, just like a baby! it's our special time.

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