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all in all a good weekend. friday morning i stayed home and spent a good bit of the day working on jewelry. put in a couple of orders and got some lovely stones and beads coming my way!

the hubby had informed me a couple of days prior that he'd ordered me a present. sort of a "i'm sorry you've had such a rotten summer with all the surgeries...read; sorry i've been a dick about things lately (heehee)" gift.

the packages were supposed to have been delivered to his work but some sort of snafu happened and they were stuck at the dhl office. so off we went friday afternoon to the dhl office to pick up said packages.

by this time i'd been driving the hubby batty trying to get clues out of him what the gift was! of course the only thing i could out of him were silly little clues that told me absolutely nothing so i was totally oblivious to what it could be; hence i was dying to get my present! lol

we get to dhl and there are two big boxes there!! then hubby informs me that he's gotten us his and her gifts. mmmm, that let's me know it has to be some sort of computery/electronic sort of gift. yet, i still have no idea.

he decides we need to stop at sam's club for dog food before getting home and then of course we get stuck in friday evening traffic so all in all it takes over an hour to get home and meanwhile i'm bursting to open my pressie!!!

so, we get home and are barely in the door before i'm grabbing the box cutter and leaping into the box! and woohoo! it's just what i wanted! an absolutely adorable teeny MP3 player that does everything but clean my house!

it can hold upwards of 2000 songs, plays movies, audio books and you can add pictures and all kinds of fun stuff. it has 4 mgs of memory plus flash memory if you need more. MORE? oh my! i'm giddy and hubby is thrilled that i like it plus it came with these outrageous speakers that i've set up on my tv cabinet!

so all friday evening i spend downloading songs from hubby's extensive MP3 library. i'll spare you the loooong list of songs that i've loaded but i have everything from aerosmith to air supply and bob dylan to queensryche. and anything in between! *grin*

so saturday i'm again working on jewelry orders and catching up on email and blogging and doing some reading. kind of a slow homey type of day. sunday the hubby goes off to play disc golf with his buds and then gets home just to clean up and is off again to guinness' house to help him get it ready to sell.

my friend "guy" came over and brought dinner and we watched the 'rock star, supernova' songs that i'd tivo'ed and just generally hung around and bullshitted.

my neighbor kitten came down for a visit about sevenish and after that i was zonked and all i could think of was SLEEP! i crashed on the couch and slept til the hubby woke me up at eleven to change my bandages before he went to bed. i fell right back to sleep and slept til ten o'clock this morning!

so after about fifteen hours of sleep i woke up feeling like i was still sleepwalking. took me forever and a lot of caffeine to even wake up a little bit. i think i slept way too much, tho my body must have needed it eh?

the hubby is still in the "i'm really trying" mode as am i. i do love him so and somehow we will make this work. we've been together over twelve years and i know that there are always ups and downs in a relationship. part of my responsiblity is not letting him walk over me; because when i do stand up for myself he seems to respect me more. i just have to remember i CAN stand up for myself and not just fall into a blathering mess when he says something that hurts me.

i know when i act more like an adult he treats me more like an adult. so i have to suck up this inferiority complex and lack of self esteem. i can do it! today was meant to be the beginning of my exercise routine, but since i could barely wake up the entire day; i decided to wait til tomorrow. we'll just make tomorrow monday m'kay?

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