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i am comfort food's bitch!

first things first, zoey is doing fantabulous! bopping and playing all over her cage with tucker like nothing was ever wrong with her! she's also slowing getting her voice back and even heard a squueeeee out of her today! she and tucker do this crazy monkey cry thing that just cracks me up! it loud and shrill and goes on forever and i love it! *grin* when she's back to doing her mad monkey yell, i'll know she's back to her normal self. what a spunky little bird!

now if my body could only heal so quickly! went back to the doctor today and whaddya know, the top incision is infected again! so he had to take the stitches out...OW...and we now have to start packing the incision again...grrrr. he said to come back next week and we'll see how it is doing and then perhaps in another week or two we'll try closing it again.

this is so frustrating! the home health care nurse came by yesterday afternoon and now my picc line is infected!!! i thought it was and sure enough...won't go into yucky ucky details but it wasn't pretty. so it had to be removed and when she get it out there was a three inch blood clot in there!

so she called doc and got the order to have it removed and now i'm on oral antibiotics. they said the picc line was just creating another source of infection for my body so they'll try the oral antibiotics for a week. if things don't get better might have to get another picc line next week.

i can't believe what a nightmare this has been. at the docs office they suggested i call my GP and talk to him about having some tests run to see why i am not healing well...such as immune deficiency and diabetes tests. so guess i'll break down and call him next week.

anyway on to other topics! we are having guinness and lily over for dinner tomorrow night and we were planning on cooking chicken out on the grill, as long as weather cooperates. hubby makes the best sauce for chicken, it's a teryaki soy sauce but it's really thick like barbecue sauce. yummmy!

we'll have to go to the grocery in the morning to pick up a few things for tommorrow night. hubby wants me to make deviled eggs. not sure i'll feel up to going shopping but i can at least help with the list eh? not sure what else we'll have with the chicken. maybe corn on the cob? that sounds tasty! and a big salad and some crusty french bread. there ya go!

guinness is one of hubby and i's closest friends and he's very serious about lily, whom i've only met once. so the purpose of this visit is to get to know lily better! looks like they are planning on moving in together soon and guinness is planning on getting a ring too!!! do i hear wedding bells? why yes i do!

today was a hot muggy steamy day. i'm so ready for autumn cool october days! it's my favorite month! i just wish we could have three months of autumn before we dive into the snow and cold of winter. i'm sure there is a place in this world where it's pretty much october weather all year round, right? maybe far northern california, like eureka? wonder if they get the rain like seattle does?

hubby and i have been talking about whether we want to stay in ohio. if we did leave it would probably be to go back to arizona where his family is. i have mixed feelings about that. i love the winters there. i hate the price of housing and land. and the pay there is less than we can make here in ohio. so basically we'd have less of a house and yard and make less money...but pay more for said smaller house and yard. something doesn't seem right there! is the climate worth that much to pay so much extra for?

but first things first, i need to get healthy enough to just get a job. again the doc has put me off from doing any job interviewing and also unfortunately any exercising! not even my recumbent bike. don't see how that could stress my incisions and my gradually getting flabbier legs could sure use the workout!

it's amazing how quickly muscles just desconstruct to flab after two months of forced non-exercise. no wonder i've put on weight, and it's small sacrifice to know that it'll come off again when i can exercise again, and when i stop eating four pieces of cinnamon toast before bed! i never used to eat comfort food before bed like this!

so i may start very slowly on the treadmill...i don't see how that can help and perhaps i can at least perk up the ol' metabolism a slight bit to make up for the three boxes of rice krispy treats i ate this weekend! *gasp* yes, comfort food, i am your bitch!

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