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a healthy happy fid equals a happy mama!

my darling zoey is doing so much better! no gasping and no wheezing at all today! she still doesn't have her voice back but i did hear a couple of tiny little chirps today. i am so relieved and so thankful that she's going to be okay!

i will definitely keep her away from hawk from now on. i don't know what came over him, he's never done anything like that before! but i will never again take that chance!! a very difficult lesson learned.

i've kept zoey locked in her cage with tucker since she got home from the vet; only getting her out for some snuggling with me and to get her meds. i'm still trying to keep her quiet and away from the two bigger birds.

she's getting antsy today and i can tell she wants to get out and play on her playtop! she and tucker were both hanging on their cage door just pleading with me with their big dark eyes. the thing is tucker won't go out to the playtop without zoey and zoey is still in the infirmary! *smile*

i think thea is jealous of all the loving zoey is getting because she's been rather clingy the past two days. she wants to sit on my shoulder and she just burrows her head in my neck and purrs and says "i love you" in her raspy little conure voice.

wow, i just love my fids!

so other subjects in my life these days: jewelry things are going well. just finished an eyeglass chain for cosmicrayola and it will go out in tomorrow's mail. i know she'll like it!

i have five more custom orders that i'm working on as well as needing to get some done for my inventory! i just feel so alive when the jewelry muse invades my spirit! whenever i'm in a period of not creating i just feel so numb and half alive. i've realised that i NEED to create! whether it be jewelry, working with clay or even my collaging which i've not done in awhile and i MISS. one of these days i'll describe my collage process for you.

tomorrow i go to the doctor to get my incisions checked yet once again. tomorrow also marks the end of week four of this picc line and receiving antibiotics. so tomorrow they will draw blood and check for any trace of infection..i guess they check my SED rate which looks for inflammation and i forget what the other one is; white blood cell count maybe.

anyway, here's hoping all is clear and they can take the picc line out! then only two more weeks or so and they'll do the final close of the incisions and i'll be free!

the pain meds they have me on are working well. i'm not having any neuropathy pain at this point, so the combination of morphine and lyrica is working well! i am still having some back and hip pain but it is manageable with the morphine and i know that i will never be 100% pain free. i don't even expect that at this point. if they can keep my pain far enough at bay so that i can exercise, work on jewelry and go back to work, i'll be one happy camper! *smile*

i'm finally feeling positive about my health. that i'm on the right combination of meds and once i can start doing yoga and the exercise bike again, my circulation will get better.

soon, it'll be time to start job hunting again. i'm really nervous about this i must say. i've not worked since january of '06 and my last year of work during that time was a nightmare of doctors and hospitals etc.

i know once i get back into the swing of things it'll all be okay. it's that first month or so that's difficult and scary.

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