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my poor darling zoey

this has been a horrible day! a frightening awful day. my poor little bird zoey is so sick!

i'll start at the beginning. yesterday hawk (my hubby's amazon parrot) got mad when zoey ran up to him and tried to steal one of his peanuts and he lunged at her and bit her.

i immediately ran to her and picked her up and she had a bit of blood on one nostril and some blood right inside her mouth. she seemed to be feeling okay, other than being scared.

so i cuddled her and rubbed her back until she settled down. we decided to take her into the vet's office just in case. when we got to the vet's they didn't have an avian vet there, sunday is the only day of the week there is no avian vet available. *sigh*

so hubby and i go back home and try to decide whether we need to locate another avian vet. zoey isn't bleeding at all anymore and after looking in her mouth and seeing no blood at all; we decided that she was okay, just more scared that anything. we actually thought that hawk had bitten her tongue.

this morning i checked on zoey first thing and no more blood and she seemed fine only still a little nervous and breathing a litle heavily.

throughout the day i notice she seems really lethargic and is not eating or drinking. i call hubby and we decide that as soon as he gets off work we will take zoey in to the vet.

zoey just slept most of the morning and early afternoon; but after waking from her nap around 2:30 she was panting and gasping like she couldn't get enough air. i was terrified and called hubby and told him he needed to get home right away so we could take zoey to the vet.

he left work immediately and we took off for the vet. the avian vet was there and took us into the room right away. he examined zoey and said that the are right under her beak was swollen, i forget what he called it. i keep thinking vent but that doesn't sound right.

anyway he said that it appears that hawk had bitten zoey in the neck and she was swollen and bruised which was constricting her airway. he said there was no way to find out if her trachea was damaged! the only way would be to put a tube down her throat and that would just do more damage.

so, he gave her a shot to decrease the swelling and a shot of antibiotic. it was horrible having to help hold her while the doc gave her the shots right in her chest. it was terrifying!

the vet said it would take six to eight hours for us to know if the medicine was going to work. i asked him what he meant and he said within six to eight hours we would know if she was going to make it. i burst into tears. i was terrified that i was going to lose this beautiful little bird.

so...here we are four and a half hours later and zoey does seem to be getting better. she's not gasping quite so much and she's even tried to chirp a little bit. she just went to bed in her little happy hut with tucker and i'll keep checking in on her every little bit.

i'm starting to feel hopeful but afraid to be too hopeful. it's an awful feeling and i'm terrified. i can't lose this beautiful little bird of mine. i love her so much! so whatever your beliefs are, if you send up a prayer, a thought, good healing energy...etc; for my darling zoey we'd much appreciate it.

~zen - terrified and heartbroken 3 little birdies chirped

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