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how much do i need to sell on ebay to get a new tattoo?

it's 3:30 in the morning and am back in insomnia mode. i still have lunesta i could take but i hate the hangover it inevitably gives me in the morning and since i'm not working right now, i've pretty much decided to just ride it out.

it's funny all thru the day i blog in my head but when i sit down to write i often seem to have nothing to say! could be because i don't do much these days. and i get sick of all the medical crap, so i'm sure you, dear readers stifle a groan when yet another entry here is full of health and medical issues.

i haven't made any jewelry since before the first surgery on june 6th. today, i did get my stones and beads back out tho and the plan is tomorrow to get back to my jewelry table. i'll post some pix soon of new designs.

i've been reading a lot and have been going to the library twice a week. i used to hate going to the library because i wanted to buy all my books. when i find i book i love i want to OWN it! but on my non-existent budget right now, it's to the library for me!

also am watching too much tv! i'm totally addicted to this show on tlc called "miami ink". it's about a tattoo parlor in miami and i love how it tells the story of why each person chose the tattoo they are getting.

from the young man who wants to honor the uncle who helped raise him who committed suicide to the woman who gets an angel tattoo in memory of her mother who recently died. the stories are heart wrenching and funny and sweet.

but now i'm dying for another tattoo! i have one on the inside of my left ankle and it's a dolphin swimming out of a gemini sign. i designed it myself because i wanted something original and i love it.

i know i want one of my bird thea-bella and another one of a small owl. my bird because getting her and falling in love with her lifted me out of a depression when my daughter left home at 16. she started college at 16. (long story which deserves it own entry in the future)

and i want an owl because my mother loves owls and has collected them since i was a little girl and i can't see an owl without thinking about my mom. owls also represent wisdom and my mom is the wisest person i know.

i need to sell more jewelry and maybe some things on ebay so i can start saving for my tattoos. also need to decide where they will be. i'm almost positive i want them on the inside of both arms...between elbow and wrist.

the thing is my left arm is full of scars and i'm not sure how tattoo ink does on scar tissue. maybe i can get a test patch done? i was a cutter for many years which is why the scars. i haven't cut in over a year now!! which is another reason for the tattoo there, it's a celebration that i am no longer cutting.

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