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nurse thea-bella

wow, after no entries for nearly a week i am surely whoring my own diary tonight! these sleepless nights lend themselves so well to blogging!

so things at home are going well...hubby is sick right now though which makes him quite the grump! i try to stay out of his way as much as possible when he's sick as he can be rather snappish and i tend to get my feelings hurt easily.

i've been primarily hanging out in the aviary watching movies and enjoying the fids. they've been just adorable lately. they really missed me when i was in the hospital as i've spent every day with them since losing my job in january.

i told you how excited they were to see me when i got home. what a wonderful welcome!

the first day the home health care nurse came over my thea-bella (the nanday conure) was not pleased! she's ordinarily very protective of me anyway, but she especially was not wanting to share me the day after getting home.

i had locked the little-bits (zoey and tucker the green cheek conures) up in their cage before the nurse got here as they are quite shy and i knew they'd feel more comfortable but thea was having such fun on her play top gym that i decided to leave her there to play.

mistake! shortly after the nurse got there and began removing my bandages thea began getting antsy. what was this strange woman doing to her mama? she began pacing back and forth and bobbing her head up and down. she has this absolutely adorable pacing thing she does back an forth on the cage top; pausing every few steps to bop her head to the cage and back up and letting out this squawk...it's a challenge!

then when the nurse pulled out my packing i cried out and thea was furious with the nurse! thinking i might be getting hurt she was going to make sure i was fine! i told the nurse i really should go get thea and let her know i was fine and lock her up...but the nurse wouldn't let me up as the bandages were off and my incisions were exposed.

seeing that i wasn't coming to her, thea decided she'd come to me. so she climbed all the way down the six foot cage and ran across the floor as fast as her tiny little feet would carry her, the whole way doing this squawking yelling sound. when she got over to the couch where i was lying on my stomach she used the blanket to pull her little self up to me.

as soon as she got up to me and saw i was okay, she began making this adorable purring sound and rubbed her little head and beak on my cheek and began kissing me and saying "i love you". it was the sweetest thing. is it any wonder i love this bird so much!!!

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