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well hello! finally home from the hospital and doing better! the spinal cord stimulator has been entirely removed from my body. the entire thing from electrodes to leads to battery pack was covered in staph infection so i am thrilled it's GONE!

because the electrodes had to be cut out of my spine by my neurosurgeon it will never be able to be replaced; which is actually fine by me. i don't want to ever go thru this again. no more electronic parts in this girl's body every again!

so, it's been nearly a week since the emergency surgery and each day i am feeling better. i have a picc line in my arm and will be receiving IV antibiotics for the next four weeks. ugh. but at least due to the picc line i can go home and receive the IV's at home!

my incisions in my back have had to remain open so they heal from the inside out so that no more infection can grow in there; hence they are very painful! the dressings have to be changed every day and when the packing is pulled out...OW! and then it has to be repacked in and then bandaged. not a fun procedure, but worth it if it means the infection will go away finally.

each incision is about five inches long and maybe an inch wide; so they are quite large and open. hubby says they look like big open mouths! ewww! not sure what he is seeing because i can't see them! i told him tomorrow that i want him to take a picture of them for me! *grin* yes, i'm sick!

so, the past week i have spent much time reading and watching many movies. soon i'll do an entry of movie and book reviews.

i have to say how wonderful my dear hubby has been through this medical and surgery nightmare. he was right there when he came out of surgery and awaking to his kind and concerned eyes was so comforting.

he visited me in the hospital at least once a day and we had some of the most intense and interesting conversations we've ever had. it was like the talks you have when you first start dating and you spend so much time just talking and getting to know each other. i'm so thankful for him.

also when i was in the hospital he steam cleaned all of the carpets in the house and cleaned the bathrooms in kitchens to a sparkling shine. what a guy huh?

he's been so supportive through all of this; and knowing how much he detests hospitals and all things medical makes me even more thankful for him.

another wonderful thing about coming home was the sweetest welcome i got from my fids; especially my nanday thea-bella. when i walked into the aviary she was so excited to see me she was shaking. she came running to me as fast as her tiny bird legs would carry her!

then standing on my shoulder she peppered my face and lips with little bird kisses saying "i love you, i love you" over and over again. she kissed me and rubbed her beak on my cheeks as her feathers poofed up in joy.

since i came home she's been really clingy to me and doesn't like when i leave the room; as if she's not sure if i'm leaving again.

she was not happy when the home health care nurse came to do my IV and dressing changes. she stood on the door of the cage and yelled at the nurse. she watched every move the nurse made and made sure to show her displeasure. she's so protective of her mama! it's so sweet!

well i'm quite tired from the morphine and percocets so i'm off to lie down now and let sleep overtake me. i'll do my best to do more frequent updates since i'm home now.

thanks for all the well wishes my friends. it really does mean so much to me!

~zen, so happy to be home again!
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