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so sorry for neglecting my diary for a week. had the surgery last tuesday and it didn't quite go as planned.

have spent pretty much this past week lying on the couch either reading or watching a movie. this weekend i did get a lot of jewelry done tho which is nice...i'll post a couple of pix in a moment.

my daughter 'em' came home last thursday to pick up car for the summer. she has a job there plus an internship so i wanted her to have her own vehicle.

she only stayed overnight, so we really didn't have much time together; but it was really nice seeing her. she's just so grown up! 19 and this fall she will start her junior year of college *sighs* where does the time go?

hubby had to go back to work yesterday. he had stayed home all last week with me. awwww, yes; he is a sweetheart!

anyway here are a couple of jewelry pix for you:

"Chunks of Agate, Autumn Jasper chips, Natural Agate rounds, topaz Swarovski crystals and sterling silver Bali spacers and rounds with Agate and Swarovski pendant hand-wrapped in copper wire."

"Large Aventurine, Rutilated Quartz and Black Agate chunks provide the centerpiece of this necklace which has smaller rounds of green aventurine, clear quartz, chrysolite Swarovski crystals and sterling silver bali spacer beads."

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