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a parrot party!

a quiet relaxing saturday. got up fairly early and played with the animals a bit as they were waking up and greeting the day.

then hubby decided he HAD to have a haircut, right now! i'm so happy that i learned how to cut his hair...he still wears his military buzz cut and i save us quite a bit of money by doing it myself...and i do a good job if i do say so myself! and he wanted to make sure i got a cut in before my surgery next week, since i'll not be allowed to lift my arms up over my head for six weeks.

after the hair cut and showers and feeding of the zoo we decided to make a run to the library. i wanted to stock up because i know i'll be reading a lot after the surgery. also went to walmart to pick up birdseed and i needed some more gift boxes to mail out jewelry orders.

i had a good library day and found ten books nearly immediately in the new books aisle! i love when i first get home with a stack of new library books. ever since i was a little girl, i'd come home from the library and set out all my books on the floor, reading and re-reading their inside covers to try and decide in which order i'd read them. it's like christmas morning! *grin*

so...errands done we came home and had a quick lunch and were going to take photos of my newly completed jewelry but the hubby decided he was going disc golfing with "dragon". i decided not to go along this time as i wanted to get some things done at home.

so with the house to myself i settled into my jewelry chair and lost myself in the beads and stones and crystals again. watched an old movie "the incredibly true story of two girls in love"...it was very sweet and made me nostalgic. *sigh*

after the movie, decided to unload the dishwasher and force myself to get a few things done around the house. left the four parrots out on their playtops on the tops of their cages. i often do this when i'm just running around in the house. hawk and thea, the two bigger, older birds are very well-behaved and don't get into things; however my little bits, zoey and tucker decided to have an adventure.

i come back into my birdcave and tucker is sitting in my jewelry chair trying to look all innocent and zoey is on my jewelry table flinging about my nearly finished new project, looking just as pleased as punch with herself for finding a new toy!

i walk in and say "zoey!" rather sharply; whereupon she shrieks back at me "cheeeeeeeeeeeep" loudly and defensively as she's trying to run and hide dragging a long strand of beads behind her. of course she doesn't get very far and i scoop her up as she frantically tries to hold on to her treasure!

tucker is bopping around in my jewelry chair as he knows he shouldn't be there and he gets so excited he spins about and takes a big poop right in the middle of my chair.

i can't help but laugh at my two little green cheek babies; as i can't blame them for being themselves...after all it was me that left them out and about.

so cleaned up the tucker poop...had to totally re-do the necklace i had been working on as zoey had chewed on the clasp. what would i do without my little birds to keep me entertained? i do love them all so!

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