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busy week, sorry for the lack of updates. i've been feverishly working on jewelry and it's been wonderful. love when the muse awakens like this!!!

today went to my doctor's appointment and got new prescriptions. i also got a new device to help with pain control. it's an external neurostimulation system. has four electrodes that i place on my skin and then hook up lead wires to them. i can use it on my upper back and neck and any other areas where my spinal cord stimulator does not work.

makes me feel like i just had a nice massage. it definitely seems to be helping my upper back! yay for anything that helps!

then i went to the hospital for my pre-admission testing. had the blood work and such done so i am all set now for my surgery...which has been moved from monday june fifth to tuesday june sixth....06/06/06...666, too funny eh?

turns out the medical students that are to observe the surgery are in class on monday so the surgery had to be switched to tuesday. that's fine with me..only one day doesn't make much difference. i'm just glad it's finally getting done.

i will spend the weekend trying to get caught up on laundry and other such stuff that i won't be able to do for the six weeks after surgery as i'm recovering. poor hubby will be so busy during those weeks!

my darling "em" is coming home next week for a couple of days to pick up her car. school ends june 8th and then she is heading to my folks to spend the summer. *sadface*

i am happy for her in that she has a job there for the summer as well as her internship for which she will receive school credit. hard to believe that next year she will be a college senior! wow!

she's excited about the internship, working with the domestic violence center there. she has a double major in college criminology and sociology with a minor in women's studies. my little girl will surely make a difference in the world. i'm so proud of her!

diet/exercise program is still going well. i'm still staying off the scales and trying to be a "normal" person about this whole thing. one reason i'm not really talking about it much. no more obsessing! *smile*

not much other news to report here...just very busy with jewelry making and just enjoying the zoo!

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