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"every sperm is sacred"

okay someone got to my diary by googling: "Possum" AND "under the Hood"...too funny!

had a good weekend. saturday went with hubby and our friend "dragon" to play disc golf. i'm not supposed to do any exercise requiring twisting of the torso due to my spinal cord stim...but figured i'd just walk the course with them to get the exercise.

i get there and decide...hell, my stim leads are broken anyway, getting fixed june 5th, so i'm gonna try and throw a couple of discs. *side note: as soon as i typed the word throw i automatically typed up..throw up...damn bulima dies hard!*

so, i throw a couple of discs, it hurts so i stop and walk the course slowly with the guys. it was an absolutely beautiful day and the park was lovely! i made it to the eighth hole and decided i HAD to go sit down.

so went to the car and got my book and a blanket and went and just laid in the sun. not sunbathing!! lol...had on jeans and a sweatshirt...it was only 68 degrees but very sunny! ahhhh...the sun beating down on my painful legs was like heaven!

never did open up my book but just laid there in the sun like a lizard on a heat lamp...feeling calm and slightly drugged by the wonderful heat of the sun. it was great.

got home and hubby and i decided to watch a movie...went to our "classics..*grin*" section and i picked "monty python's the meaning of life". omg, how funny and how i had forgotten! *sings* "every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great". muah!

drank a bit too much whiskey that night which not only helped with pain but made me rather randy and hubby was delighted by my amourous approaches.


the next day i was determined to again get some exercise. woke up tho with horrible pain in my shoulder and back. hurt to breathe. owww! hubby said i pulled a muscle. no more disc tossing for me!

when hubby and our friend "guiness" decided to go disc golfing, i again said i would go along to at least walk and get exercise.

we went to a different course and the holes were so FAR apart. i didn't even try to throw any discs as my shoulder/chest was hurting amazingly. but i did walk the course with the guys. walked twice as far as the day before.

then again back to the car for the blanket and the book while the guys finished the course. laid in the sun, watched the birds and the squirrels cavorting in the grass near me. never did open the book again...just drowsed in the hot sun with the animals.

that evening another movie. a new one we decide so we pick "king kong". it was much different than i anticipated. i enjoyed it very much but was so angry at the treatment of the gorilla by the humans. found my self shouting "kill 'em kong"!

yes, i do like animals more than people!

so today is monday morning and i'm resting for a few and catching up on computer stuffs. food and exercise going well! don't want to talk about it too much as am working on not obsessing about it!

ta ta for now my lovies...~zen
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