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episiotimies, ass pain and guiness

this weekend we went disc golfing with our good friend "guiness", well the guys golfed and i walked the course with them, til my pain got too bad and i went to lie on a blanket and read. lol

"guinness" is one of the funniest people i know and i couldn't believe the conversation we had just in the car on the way there. i told him...you know i so have to put this in my blog! lol

we talked about menstruation, menopause, childbirth, episiotimies, hemmorhoid surgery, ass pain, in-laws, the beach, drinking, monkey sex and drugs. it was quite a hilarious 30 minute car drive!!!

but anytime you are with "guinness" it seems to be that way! he's so freakin' funny. and he's so sweetly in love with lily ...which makes me so happy for them! she better be nice to our boy! treat him right!!!


it was an okay day. after four days at home, hubby went to work so i was kinda lonely today. missed him!

i finished up one jewelry project. started a couple new ones. talked to "lennon" online for a long time. that was nice. he too has physical problems and isn't able to work due to them so we spend a lot of time online together during the day.

i did get some housework done. how exciting. bet you were dying to know that, yes?

i am going to my folks this weekend for memorial day weekend and can't wait to see my mom!!! i'm gonna give her the biggest hug ever and not let go.

i just feel so calm when i'm with my mom. like nothing can hurt me, and everything will work out. damn, i wish she could come live with me! she's the best person i know.

i'm disappointed that my daughter isn't coming to my folks for the weekend. i really thought she would. i'm going to call her tomorrow and see if she has changed her mind. at least see if she has time for me to stop and take her to lunch!

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