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a meme stolen from colz...thanks colz!!!

Ten years ago, it was 1996. Take this survey, post the results, and see how many things have changed since then.

1) How old were you?

THEN: 31

NOW: 41

2) Where did you go to school?

THEN: working as a sales and catering manager.
NOW: designing jewelry.

3) Where did you work?

THEN: hotel in arizona.
NOW: in my aviary!

4) Where did you live?

THEN: a duplex in arizona.
NOW: an old "river" house, built in 1895 in the mid-west.

5) How was your hairstyle?

THEN: chin length bob.
NOW: short, layered. pixie like.

6) Did you wear braces?

7) Did you wear contacts?

THEN: no
NOW: no

8) Did you wear glasses?

THEN: yes
NOW: yes

9) Who was your best friend?

THEN: the hubby
NOW: the hubby

10) Which of your pets were still alive?

THEN: my dogs...t and t!
NOW: my dogs....t and t...plus two iguanas, and four wonderful parrots!!

11) Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?

THEN: the hubby.
NOW: the hubby.

12) Who was your celebrity crush?

THEN: can't even remember!
NOW: angelina jolie is hot!

13) Who was your regular-person crush?

THEN: the hubby.
NOW: the hubby.

14) How many piercing did you have?

THEN: eight in the left ear, three in the right.
NOW: same.

15) How many tattoos did you have?

THEN: none.
NOW: one.

16) What was your favorite band/singer?

THEN: can't remember.
NOW: alanis morrisette.

17) Had you smoked cigarettes?

THEN: yes
NOW: yes

18) Had you gotten drunk?

THEN: yes
NOW: Yes

19) Had you DRIVEN?

NOW: Yes

20) If so which car?

THEN: nissan truck.
NOW: chrysler sebring.

21) Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 2006?...no, most assuredly not. but do i regret where i am now...no most assuredly not. 0 little birdies chirped

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